Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Music Whenever; Bob Dylan's cover of "It must be Santa"

I first heard this song the past week playing on our local radio station, WRNR. I'm surprised I've never before come across Dylan's take on the raucous pagan festival side of the holiday. Any song that leads off with an accordion is alright with me and Dylan fits in his customary wordplay among the lyrics by interspersing the name of recent U.S. presidents with the names of Santa's reindeer.

Wishing Earwigoagin readers; Happy Holidays or, Happy Turn of the Year. (Whatever floats your boat.)

And for Jim Carrey's beautiful rendition of "White Christmas", click here.


Tillerman said...

Brilliant! Best Xmas song EVER!

Tweezerman said...

Yes Tillerman, a very catchy oompah, drinking tune (though not too much drinking if you are attempting to sing the fast-paced refrain).