Friday, March 25, 2016

Bahamian C-Class Catboat Racing as Seen from a Drone

I've posted before on the Bahamian C-Class catboats; the ones that have two crews on pries and a sail with an enormous foot length. Now we can finally add a well done drone video to the conversation.

I put this post up and then came across another video of the C-Class Catboats from the same videographer, Dallas Knowles. Here he has a GoPro on the end of the long boom in what seems to be a one-legged race, a beat to windward. Our intrepid C-Class catboat crew first bangs the right side of the weather leg and then half-way up the beat decides to bang the left side. You'll have to watch most of this 14 minute video to see if these not-so-conservative tactics work out.

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