Saturday, December 24, 2016

Music Whenever: Little Tybee "Quiet as a Sail"

A multi-layered, complex sound from an Atlanta band, "Little Tybee" creates this beautiful tune. The classy video is a world-wide travelogue featuring a compilation of on-location shoots featuring vintage GE portable radios. (A total of ten were sent out across the world to be filmed by volunteer videographers.)

I wonder why you were late
Why are we acting this way?
I remember you
Quiet as a sail as you followed me home
You walked over, shivering
We were covered in the snow
You dusted off my brim and I opened our door
Our white dove is overdue

I need some light in my veins
The color is starting to fade

Do you remember me?
guided by your song billowing through the trees
I walked over, whistling
but I could not compete
I rested in your notes and the color they threw
Our white dove is overdue
This can't be the end

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