Saturday, December 31, 2016

Header Photo: Albacore Fleet on the Potomac River

The previous header photo was of the Albacore fleet from Potomac River Sailing Association racing in big breeze on the Potomac River. What is interesting about this photo is the long, low, hulking building in the background. That is the Pentagon - the center of America's military - as seen from the water. I have one other photo in my collection of sailing dinghies that features dinghies in front of a famous building - this photo of three Fireflies in front of the Houses of Parliament, which was given to me by an English team, racing in team races on Baltimore harbor.


Alden Smith said...

Looks like one hell of a breeze on the Potomac - happy new year and great sailing for 2017

Tweezerman said...


Thanks. And to you as well. I tried to put a comment on your Slipstream post but got caught up in some Internet loop which wouldn't process it. Congrats on the Zephyr purchase and look forward to your forthcoming sea stories (always a delight to read!). Hope your winter is going well.

Romain BERARD said...

I should have a picture of something sailing in front of the Great Wall if you're interested

Tweezerman said...


That would be great. I would enjoy doing another post with sailing dinghies in front of iconic, historical buildings.