Sunday, April 30, 2017

Header Photo: Pugh's Lawn - Classic Moth E-City Nationals 2009

The Classic Moth Nationals are always held off of the Pugh's lawn in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The previous header photo is the fleet coming in from racing on the Saturday - 2009 Nationals. Mark Saunder's Mistral is the varnished Moth front and center. Scott Wolff's modified Cates design, "Sidewinder" is the red and white stripe Moth being pulled up by skipper Gary Gowan on the right.


gowans said...

The red and white striped boat on the right is actually "Sidewinder" #21 in one of her disguises. And yes, Gowans was sailing it then.

Tweezerman said...


Was Sidewinder a mod Cates?


Scott Wolff said...

She really my own design. It good to know she's still sailing. Scott Wolff

Scott Wolff said...

It's more a modified Collins design.