Monday, May 1, 2017

Michael Scott's Mod Hadron Singlehander is Launched

Michael Scott sends along these photos of the launch of a Keith Callaghan designed singlehander, the Hadron, which he spend the winter modifying. Michael picked up a locally built wood Hadron, cut down the freeboard, and got rid of a funky center buoyancy tank which he replaced with a true double bottom. He added a a rig he scammed off a Hoot Dinghy. The final result isn't radical enough to qualify as a Frankenboat but, all in all, a very credible singlehander. I await some more sailing reports when there is some more wind.

Michael has emailed Keith for feedback on his mods but no reply. (I have to say most designers don't like the unwashed fooling around with their creations... unlike me, who always says ... have a go and see if it works!)

The skipper in these photos is Brad Rice. Location is Whidbey Island, Pacific NW.


Dieharddinghysailor said...

Thanks for posting! The skipper is actually Brad Rice, boatbuilder extraodinaire ( he rebuilt Pirate with the help of Scott Rohrer. I'll be taking her out again this week, after more mods, hopefully in some decent breeze.....!

nedslocker said...

Hi Rod,

Very nice Job! I certainly like the "proper double bottom" in preference to the Keith's Original " coffin " buoyancy,which didn't grab me at all.The mast gate construction looks a bit lightweight given the rig will need plenty of tension to make it function like a Skiff type rig should. Will be interested to see more photo's.


Dieharddinghysailor said...

The "Hoot' doesn't have a mast gate. I put it there to stiffen the forrard section (having removed all the 'knees', and as a prop when rigging doesn't seem to get in the way when tensioning the rig, but time will tell. More photos to follow.