Thursday, August 17, 2017

Still Here (Sort of)

Two of my readers kindly contacted me to check that I was OK. Thank you for the concern - it was appreciated. I'm still around though it is obvious that I have been off doing something else rather than blogging (and it hasn't been sailing). Nevertheless, I have collected stuff to post, and the month of September 2017 will be a busy one in Annapolis, so there will be new material on Earwigoagin. (And the readers, bless them, still send material every once in a while.)

There is a lot of verbiage and photos already on this blog. Almost from Day 1 there has been a debate in my head about the right time to plant the flag, declare it over and move on. However, the time isn't at this moment.

May I direct you to this post from seven years ago which sums up the conundrum of a blogger.

Or you can get the full flavor of the milestones in this blog by clicking here. (Such as Earwigoagin got up to 2000 views in April 2009.)

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my2fish said...

Glad to hear you're still here and blogging!