Saturday, November 11, 2017

Time Capsule 2009

In poking around my hard drive I came across this video I made in 2009. On a summer Sunday morning eight years ago I had my small boat fleet gathered in the front yard so I got out the digital camera and proceeded to document all of them.

Eight years later;

Gone: the Tweezer to Maine, the Surf Ski to a local paddler and the stitch and glue canoe to Bill Boyle.

Kept: Maser, the PK Dinghy which hasn't progressed any since 2009, and the City Island kayak.

Added: Two other projects, both Classic Moths.

Projects on top of projects. And the beat goes on.


doryman said...

I remember that vid. Which lead to an accounting of my own:
Leaves me with the curious feeling of time passing, yet not. The only boat left in my boatyard is the biggest one, though there are more boats out there than ever.
It's been a fabulous journey, my friend.

Tweezerman said...


Thanks for the link back to your fleet in 2009, a post which I enjoyed reading as much the second time as I did the first time. I've always considered myself a boat-bimbler (a quaint English term for a rather amateurish, somewhat aimless, unfocused journey). You are a true boat-builder. Nonetheless, there is joy in each of our approaches. As the temperature drops it is easier to sit in front of a computer than to mix epoxy. So, do you still have your large dory sailboat?

doryman said...

Ah, yes, Mistral, the dory that started this doryman-of-the-interwebs thing. Still have her, in fact, I am deep in the process of re-designing her transom. Since the temp here today is in the high 40's F, I can just barely get away with this. It's a pedantic process with true goals, and may be of interest to very few, yet I'm still debating with myself whether or not to publish anything about it.
The fact that she hasn't seen water in over two years is an embarrassment.

bimbler. I like it.