Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Australian Sailfish: updated plans

News from Down Under. The Australian Sailfish class has updated their plans. From Greg Barwick:
"After many, many months of hard work, writing, editing; reviewing (repeat until you can’t sleep :-)), a new set of Building Instructions, complete with CAD drawn frame diagrams is now available. This has been an enormous task led by our own Chris Cleary, who built a boat as he went along just so he could adjust the Instructions and take photographs There was also a lot of input from Ian Urban (our CAD specialist), Ian Milton and others to get us to this point.

"When we kicked off the website and made the plans available three years ago, we had no idea how popular that would be, so plans have been sent out for the last three years without an allocated number. To mark this relaunch of the Plan Sets we are also starting numbering the plans once again.

"The highest number issued up to now was 3500, so we have decided that we will start the numbering of the new Plan Sets from 3501. I even have the original Plan Sales book to record it in!

"As well as a comprehensive set of Building Instructions, (76 pages) there are two A0 sheets of frame diagrams that will give full size Frame templates, one A0 Centreboard Plan & Section sheet and one A1 Rudder Sheet in each Plan Set.
We have also launched a new section on the website, 'Building . . . a Visual Guide', to be used in conjunction with the Building Instructions, so check that out as well.

Click here to order a set of Australian Sailfish plans.

Also a very earnest Earwigoagin TOH to the hard-working folks reviving this great little Australian dinghy.


Andrew Johnston said...

Very cool! Now is there a single-handed scow that might work for me in colder seas up in Scotland?

Tweezerman said...

Andrew. That's a good question. There is the Duster scow but the rig is probably too big and the cockpit maybe too old fashioned for Scottish winds. But the hull is high freeboard enough for your sea state so if you were up to it you could do a modified Duster. The U.S. Moth class also had a high freeboard scow design back in the 1960's. I have some photos. Not sure if there are any plans. Maybe the best bet is Michael Storer's OZ Racer.