Saturday, April 13, 2019

Michael Storer Fills Us In on the Box Boat Racing League

The previous header photo was an Oz Goose sending it in a big breeze.

Michael Storer, designer of the Oz Goose (as well as a slew of other plywood small boats for the home builder) saw my article on the 2018 MASCF festival and sent along some more information on the history of his mucking about with these shapes and how it lead up to the formation of the Box Boat Racing League. Tip-of-the-hat to Michael for bringing us up to date on the interesting development of, what is essentially, a high-freeboard scow that Michael is positioning as a low-cost avenue to bring people into the sport. As always, use the top right [arrow in box] icon to open the PDF in another tab for printing.

And a video of the 2017 Oz Goose Philippine Nationals.

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