Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Throwing the Shade: 60's Dinghies vs. the Newbies

The Olympic Training Regatta at Parma, Day 6 featured big breeze, big seas. The 49'ers and Nacra's didn't race Day 6 setting up the following quote from an Australian 470 crew (the 470's did race). Go to 1:12 in the video where the 470 crew throws considerable shade on the 49'ers and Nacra sailors.
"Today's the day for the real boats. We see all the skiffs and catamarans stuck on shore looking silly. The 470's, Finns, and Lasers, we all got out and went slowly [still] but had a good time. The waves and wind make our boat quite a bit of fun and quite close racing [still] which is really enjoyable."
The Australian Nacra crew fires back at 1:32 into the video. Just gotta love this inter-class jabbering.

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