Friday, April 19, 2019

Header Photo: New Zealand Zephyr Class; Waterline Shot

The previous header photo is an unique waterline shot of the 11' New Zealand Zephyr singlehander. Designed by Des Townson in 1956, they had 55 boats show up for their 2018 National Championship. In poking around the latest Zephyr class newsletter, notes from the AGM shows the class is moving towards approving full fiberglass boats. (At the moment you can have fiberglass hulls with wood decks.)
"Zephyrs are getting older. Current sailors will repair and maintain boats but newer sailors are less hands-on and don’t fiddle with boats. Zephyrs are now too expensive for newer sailors. Suggestion that younger sailors would join the class, but the need to maintain the boats was a deterrent. This supports the argument for a full fiberglass boat."

For more reading: fellow sailing blogger, Kiwi Alden Smith, writes regularly and humorously about racing his Zephyr.


Alden Smith said...

What a thoroughly sensible and deserving header photograph. You realize of course that this act of artistic expression has raised your IQ by 50 percentage points and made you more attractive than ever to women?

Alden Smith said...

........ (The Zephyr header not the current one). The current black and white photograph is very interesting, a kind of archetypal scow come A Class Thames rater of the early 20th century.

Tweezerman said...


I thought we automatically had high IQ's since we both sail 11' singlehanders!