Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Music Whenever: The Barr Brothers; "Song that I Heard"

The Barr Brothers were also featured as part of this medley back in 2015.

In the same reckless city
Where great Antonio died
On the island in the river
With a mountain at its side
I came to scatter ashes
Of the bridges I've burned
And I know the name of the song that I heard
Yeah, I know the name of the song I heard

Like a moonlight mathematician
I subtracted my concerns
And I multiplied my options and divided my returns
Sacrificed the angel who was tugging at my shirt
I was already claimed by the song that I heard
Yeah, already chained to the song that I heard

From the corner of my eye I caught the shadow of a girl
But my shoes were tied together and my face was in the dirt
Her gentle eyes said everything before she said a word
And I knew I was changed by the song that I heard
Yeah, I knew right away by the song I heard

In the cult of desperation he stayed just behind the curve
And no one here admits we're getting more than we deserve
I was born a first child, she was born a third
We were already named by the songs that we heard

Yeah, already claimed by the songs we heard
Did I make you out at Phoenix from the ashes of a bird?
Did we build our palace and watch it as it burned?
It's kind of like a lesson that had to be unlearned

Like a fool maker
Moon prayer
Sun slayer

We are already changed by the songs we heard

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