Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Classic Moth for Sale; "Tippy"

Jim Young has put "Tippy" up for sale. "Tippy" really does illustrate the diversity in Classic Moth designs. Jim built it to a French design from (I'm guessing the time frame here) the 1950's by a fellow named Proust. It is a V chine hull, and at first glance it has some similarity to a Penguin (though the Penquin has a flat bottom). The name "Tippy" is very much of a misnomer as the design is definitely a widebody, a very buoyant design. Jim got Justin to drive the "Tippy" Moth to a win in the Gen 1 division (slower designs) at this years nationals. It is the one Classic Moth design where you could fit two people, say a Dad and kid, or two small teenagers and have a great time kicking around the lake.

Here is a picture of "Tippy" on land. Click on the pictures to get a larger image.

And another one sailing;

Jim built "Tippy" out of foam glass with a wood foredeck (the design could easily be adapted to plywood) and is asking $3500.

Contact Jim ...........jmsyoun1915....(with our friends at) aol.com.

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