Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keep Turning Left Travelogue

There is a large amount of crap on YouTube. So it is always a joy to find a professional videographer slumming on YouTube, particularly spinning a sailing adventure with video. Dylan Winter is attempting a counter clockwise circumnavigation of England in a Mirror 19 (think of a stretched Uffa/O'Day Daysailor with bilge keels). He is recording everything in a crisp and witty multi-part YouTube documentary. There is no rush. His Mirror 19 is presently under cover for the winter with his voyage only making it around the South Coast and up to the Crouch (just north of the Thames) for the first year.

Here is a three part sample of his trip up the Crouch and Roach.

Part 1

Sorry, videos have been removed!

The entire trip up to now and in order can be found here

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