Sunday, January 4, 2009

How the English do it in the Winter; Part two

As a follow on to my post about the Brass Monkey Handicap Race ..... this is Bala Sailing Club's Handicap Race which occurs annually in February. This video was taken eighteen years ago, in 1994, before Laser, Topper, RS and others developed a profusion of new dinghy classes for the English market. So we watch the tried and true classes such as the 505, Fireball, Contender, GP14, and Enterprise (blue sails) coping with some very blustery conditions.

Video was posted by " SailAction who, like Shockwave40, has some other first rate dinghy sailing videos.


Vintage Mothist said...

Cool, Hey Rod are you the same Rod that helped design the Vangard 15. saw your name in Sailing World.

Tweezerman said...

Hey Greg,

Congratulations on being the first commenter on this blog. I don't get Sailing World. I dropped it when it stopped being a freebie with the US Sailing membership. I wonder who dropped "Rod's" name in with the V-15 design? I'll have to wait until I see a copy of Sailing World on the bookstore shelves.