Sunday, September 6, 2009

Joe Bousquet; Building and Racing Foiler and Classic Moths

Three local Classic Moth sailors have built foiler Moths; two of them use their foilers to blast back and forth on the Chesapeake Bay and have no intention of racing. However Classic Moth sailor and Moth blogger, Joe Bousquet has actively embraced racing his foiler, shipping his home built Hungry Beaver design to the Moth Worlds in England last year and just recently, The Gorge Worlds on the Columbia River. This interview with Joe is rather long but he does a nice job of humorously relating how he may be tilting at windmills; how difficult it is for an amateur to compete in a class that is now filled with professionals, in a craft where speed is king, and the design, execution, and preparation, particularly in the foils and their controls, reaps big rewards. At about 3:05 into the video, Joe give a tip of the hat to the Classic Moth.

Here is a YouTube of Jeff Linton's first go on Joe Bosquet's foiler Moth.

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