Sunday, October 6, 2013

Music Whenever; Burning Hell "I Love the Things that People Make"

In one of the ongoing ironies of life, my music posts are the least popular segment of Earwigoagin, yet there is a coterie of readers who have complained when I stopped them. So I have resorted to occasional music posts.

This one goes out to the makers in the boating world; the Classic Mothists building, rebuilding, restoring; Doryman getting his Crocker on the water, Jeff and Amy Linton with their FrankenScot project, and all the other boatbuilders in my circle of friends and also in my blog list.

Some may question the musicality of this selection; the one-chord strumming, the odd Russian fiddle overlay, the bass vocals that eschew any range. Remember, for this song, it's all in the presentation, the costumes, and the lyrics.

THE BURNING HELL - I Love The Things That People Make from Southern Souls on Vimeo.


my2fish said...

very nice! I am one of the ones that likes your musical selections - keep 'em coming.

doryman said...

'got his Crocker on the water'? Oh yeah!
Good music choice, Tweezerman.

Unknown said...

Love it.