Monday, October 20, 2014

Header Photo: Wooden Windmill at NSHOF Wooden Boat Gathering

There were only three dinghies at the National Sailing Hall of Fame's Wooden Boat Gathering. One of them was this iconic Clark Mill's design, the Windmill (and winner in the small boat division), whose skipper had driven all the way from Kansas City for the event. (For those of you reading Eawigoagin from outside the U.S., Kansas City is almost smack-dab in the middle of the U.S and a good three day drive from the coasts). His well-restored Windmill was of a batch of at least 20 that were built around Kansas City during the 1960's. I didn't catch up with this fellow but Earwigoagin gives him a big TOH for his determination to attend what turned out to be a short drift-fest around Annapolis Harbor. (Usually when someone drives this distance to Annapolis, they have another agenda; that of visiting Washington DC for the sights - although granted, Annapolis does have its charm as well.)


George A said...

Nice pix of Tweezer up in the header. Is that up in Maine?

Tweezerman said...

Bingo! Of course that mug on the Tweezer's third owner and skipper has nothing to compare to the ruddy seafarer looks of either Tweezerman or Bill B.