Saturday, November 15, 2014

British Moth - At Speed #2

Great video of a British Moth (our U.K. compatriots in sail insignia's - we both sport the Circle M) blasting along on a reach, getting passed by the larger Phantom dinghy (who almost bought it at the jibe mark) but also going by an overturned Laser. This shows that even a pre WWII hull shape can get up and go.

Great fun!

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Unknown said...


George A said...

What are the lines running from the shrouds up to the gooseneck level of the mast? They appear to terminate at the chain plates with fairly powerful block and tackle.

Tweezerman said...


Those are lower mast bend preventers. They are designed to take the loads from the vang. The tighter the preventers, the straighter the lower mast and, conversely the looser the preventers, the more lower mast bend.