Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crosby Classic Moth "Skimmer" Plans

William F. Crosby design.

I lifted these from George A.'s blog. and put them into a PDF format. No reason these plans couldn't be modified to substitute the sit-on-deck with a small cockpit. Also, to jack the sail-plan up higher, the rule of thumb for our current Classic Moths is a 17' (5182 mm) mast length with the 15' (4572 mm) luff length of the sail, leaving approx 2' (610 mm) from deck level to gooseneck.

To download:

  1. Hover the mouse over the top, black menu bar.
  2. Select the upward facing arrow icon to pop it into another tab in your browser.

An original Skimmer has been found in New England.


George A said...

Yes, you could do all that, but why? Any of a number of Aussie scow designs offer the benefit of an extra 60 or 70 years of development of the scow shape and would seem a more worthwhile build project. The only reason I see to dust off these plans would be to built an authentic plank on frame replica so one could experience what it was like to go Moth Boating back in the earliest days of the class.

Tweezerman said...

Sometimes the most basic shapes do just fine if all you want to do is just putter around the lake. The even more basic, square-box Puddleduck Racer has had more copies built in the last couple of years than all the Classic Moths combined.