Friday, January 2, 2015

D-Zero Singlehander Video

In the battle in the sailing marketplace to be the next "modern" singlehanded racing dinghy there is, besides the RS Aero, the Devoti D-Zero, designed by Brit Dan Holman. Visually the D-Zero looks more "swoopier" than the Aero and the snout, the area in front of the mast, looks more pronounced. The D-Zero is not as super-light as the RS Aero (but at 42kg still very light).

There is the rumor on the InterWebs that Melges also has a 14-foot singlehander in pre-production testing. This will add an interesting third new singlehander to the mix; a development bemoaned by some as cluttering up consumer choice and prohibiting one class from gaining traction. However, it is not a bad move by Melges, given the odd tendency of Americans not to buy sailboats that were foreign designed or built (or if they were foreign designed we need to re-work them such as the Collegiate 420 or Collegiate FJ).

Back in Mark 2014, I did a post of the unveiling of the RS Aero and Devotti D-Zero at the London Dinghy Exhibition.

As promised, a send-them reaching video of the Devotti D-Zero.

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Tillerman said...

Thanks for the heads-up about the Melges 14. I hadn't heard about it but I see there is a thread on SA with some pictures and video of the prototype.