Monday, October 19, 2015

Mistral Y2K Section Offsets, Via John Z.

I mentioned when I published the offsets for the Mistral hull panels that you still needed some bulkheads to bend the panels around. John Z. immediately shot me, via email, the section dimensions he measured off his very fast Y2K Mistral. They are taken every 305mm to give an even 11 sections over the length of the hull. (Station 3353 being the transom, sitting on the aft end of the hull panels). John used every other section inserted in his panels when he bent them up to set up the hull shape. It must be noted that 3 bulkheads are left in the hull before decking and two of them don't exactly lie on station spacing given (the forward edge of the aft deck being the exception, it usually aligns with Station 2743.).


johnz said...

For the record, my spreadsheet was all in inches and feet (I work for the U.S. Navy after all), Tweezerman did the conversion to metric. For our US friends and most Classic Mothists on this shore, the boat is 11' long and the stations are at nice even 1' increments. I'm happy to pass around the spreadsheet if anyone is interested. Thanks for posting Tweezy! - John Z

johnz said...

Oh, and if the table doesn't make sense, the top row is the longitudinal distance from bow to stern of each station in mm. The first column on the left is the transverse distance from the centerline out to the side in mm. If you do the metric conversion (divide by 25.40 to get inches), these half widths are at 0,3,6,12,18 and 24 inches. The lower half of the table defines the gunnel line which has a unique half width at each station. The numbers inside the table are heights from the lowest point on the hull measured up toward the deck.

Hope that doesn't make it even more confusing, this table format makes it easy to plot in Excel.