Sunday, October 28, 2018

Europe Dinghy: 2018 Europeans

Every once-in-a-while I throw some love out at our most popular Classic Moth, the Europe Dinghy. Not quite fifteen years after losing Olympic standing, the Europe Dinghy remains a popular singlehander in Europe. The following video is some good hi-speed action from Race 2 of the 2018 European Championship on Lake Garda.

And the Race 3 video has more slo-mo and close-in shots of competitors.

Although you won't see any at a major championship, there are some very beautiful wooden Europe Dinghies. And Classic Moth plans over here.


Tom said...

Wow, those kids are GOOD! Great technique and boathandling. Did they progress from the Optimist? I'd think the Europe Moth might be a far better singlehander than the Laser.

Tweezerman said...

The kids in the hi-end coaching programs are top-notch. I think you can tweak the power on a Europe Dinghy to match a lighter weight helm a lot better than just slapping a Radial Rig on a Laser.