Friday, May 15, 2009

Four Surefire Ways to Look like a Dork when Sailing

Tillerman occassionally likes to stir up the sailing blogsphere with writing competitions .... the latest one he put forth is a boating related list. Normally I don't post in lists but on reflection, there were several lists that were floating around in my subconscious just waiting to be tapped.

Four Surefire Ways to Look Like a Dork when Sailing

Picture above from Tweezerman's archives;

  1. Clownface - Sunscreen that is primarily zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will give the requisite white face. This is eminently sensible for SPF protection (particularly since chemical sunscreens have come under increased scrutiny for health issues) but still considered the height of dorkiness.
  2. Hankerchief Hat - For those who like to feel the breeze on the back of the neck, this is as close as it gets to being bare headed. This, however, is not eminently sensible as hankerchiefs have a SPF value of maybe 6.
  3. Contractor KneePads - Ignore any of those petite designer sailing knee pads you can find at your nearest sailing outfitter.
  4. This is a toss up between Bicycling Tights and/or Brightly Colored shoes - I dimly remember those yellow shoes. I think there were the latest (and cheap) water sandals at the time .... they didn't stay on at all. You could use maybe the turquoise Crocs to get the same effect today.


Tillerman said...

Thanks for that. I almost choked with laughing. My wife says all of us sailors look pretty weird when kitted up but this photo takes it to a whole new level.

Carol Anne said...

I could add ... jumbo aviator-frame dark sunglasses.

Tweezerman said...

I started thinking about some of the sailing apparel that I could have purchased (but didn't) that would have added to the "look". I can only think of one item ... the now discontinued Ronstan skiff helmet. They had them on sale at APS several years ago. They looked very similar to those leather football helmets (American football) from the early 1900's .... think Ronald Reagan in "Knute Rockne All American".

I looked long and hard at this helmet but passed on it.

I must admit my sailing gear has become more mainstream now.

Thanks for the comments.

Zen said...