Sunday, May 24, 2009

Greg's New Ride

Greg Duncan had his new Classic Moth at Portsmouth. It is a modified Mistral design with a wider transom. Built with 3mm Luan (doorskin ... $15 a sheet). Greg is one of those builders who seem to pop out a new Mothboat every two years or so.

A completely unedited video on his new Moth.

The audio is obscured by wind noise (the wind picked up after the racing ... typical!) and Jimmy Buffet on the car stereo ... so let me translate. Greg says "Europe transom, Mistral nose" which translated means he grafted a Europe transom shape onto the Mistral panel shapes. The Mistral and Greg's variant are built by "stitch and glue" aka "tortured ply", which entails wiring two hull panels together at the centerline and then bending them up into a hull shape. You can change the shape dramatically by altering the beams at the gunwhale as well as attaching a different transom shape.

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Dave said...

have you any comments about the stability of this modified Mistral?
I'm presently building a more traditional Moth, the Moth Nantais developed in France.
I'm attracted to the stitch and glue concept and, once finished my Nantais, i think I'd like to try something that's Mistral-ish.
Louis Pillon has plans for other boats, like the Duflos which seems very Mistralish, the Dunand and the Duflos. Would you care to comment on these designs?