Friday, May 29, 2009

Music for Friday; An Admission

Last week, I was idly clicking through Tillerman's blog lists and was going through one his top ten sailing blogs, Messing About in Boats, and realized that "Messing About in Boats" had a "Song for Friday" section.... in fact he had been doing "Song for Friday" a lot longer that I had been doing "Music for Friday". It then dawned upon me that somewhere in the past I had visited "Messing About in Boats", saw the feature "Song for Friday", filed it in my subconscious, and then resurfaced it in my blog as "Music for Fridays", at that time completely original and brilliant from my brain. Oops! Time to acknowledge the progenitor of my "Music for Fridays". For those who want to go through a different set of YouTube music videos, please take a gander at the "Song for Friday" section over at the blog Messing About in Boats,

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