Monday, August 17, 2009

Old video of wooden lapstrake Tech dinghies

MIT collegiate sailing at the close of WWII. I wonder if any of these Tech dinghies survived? Beautiful examples of wooden boatbuilding!

Addendum: For those who don't bother to check the comments, the eminent blogger Tillerman has ran with my question on early Tech dinghy history and, through diligent research and his knowledgeable readership, has put together a very thorough tracking of the current whereabouts of the wood Tech dinghies. here.

Also, one of Tillerman's readers, O Docker, has pointed out the existence of a very fascinating video of the early days of MIT and collegiate sailing. Narrated by Hatch Brown, MIT sailing master in the early days, this video is for anyone with a love of sailing history. Watch the full 35 minutes. Go to this link and download the Full Version with Commentary.