Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another wooden lapstrake dinghy, The International 12

Unlike the wooden MIT dinghies , where it seems about half a dozen remain in the U.S.; over in Europe the International 12 dinghy is a vintage lapstrake dinghy that is going from strength to strength. Designed by George Cockshott, an amateur boat designer from Southport, England, over ninety years ago, there seems to be a healthy mix of wooden and fiberglass International 12's. The Italian championship looks to turn out a fleet of about 40, not bad for a gaff rigged singlehander with a hull weighing over 200 lbs. If I was perchance to get an offer to do the Italian championships, I would do my utmost to make the trip; sailing be damned.... all that Italian red wine and food..... kidding aside, it would be neat to race a gaff rigged singlehander with very sweet lines.

Here is a well done YouTube of a fellow daysailing his wooden International 12 around Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Unknown said...

The International 12' Dinghy is becoming more and more popular as we approach its centenary in 2013!
This year 55 boats took part in an event in Holland and similar numbers can be found in regattas in Italy and Japan.

It is likely that over 100 boats will enter next years 'World Championships' to be held at Bracciano, Italy.

To my knowledge there is only one Int. 12 in the USA: Onrust which sails on the Willamette River, Oregon. If you know of any others I'd love to hear about them!

More info is available on our website:

Steve Crook