Friday, August 28, 2009

River Sailing; Brigham Scows UK

First, the Brits are sailing mad. It's amazing the numbers they get to sail on puddles, gravel pits, and very narrow winding rivers. Secondly, here is a scow class that didn't originate in the U.S.

A great historical video of a fleet of Brigham gunter
(correction: balanced lug, see comments)
rigged scows navigating the back and forth of the Hull river.


Country Joskin said...

That brought back memories!
I started sailing a Brigham Scow back in 1969. I built 3 scows and now that I have two grandchildren am thinking about building No4.
Who took the cine-film? and do you have any more?

Tony Ives
Ex Brigham Scow Club

Country Joskin said...

Me again!
Just a minor correction. The sail rig isn't gunter rigged, all of the scows at Brigham were balanced lug sails. The Scow Club limit was 200 square feet with a 16 foot boom and spar. Most of the sail were made by Jeckles at Wroxham.

Tweezerman said...


You're absolutely right. The rigs were balanced lugs. The fellow who posted this YouTube seems to be into cruising canals and since I'm a Yank, I have no idea of where or how he obtained the footage. If you have some other photos or recollections, I would be happy to put them up here.