Thursday, July 31, 2014

Choreographed Pitchpole

This blog has certainly featured plenty of capsizes and other mayhem (note header photo) but I have never seen a dual choreographed pitchpole as is shown in this video of Nacra 17 catamarans racing at Palma this spring. (main event starts at 28 seconds into the video but there is plenty of carnage before hand),

Brutal day in Palma - Thomas Zajac & Tanja Frank - Nacra 17 Sailingteam - 3 Apr 2014 from Valencia Sailing on Vimeo.


Pandabonium said...

Fascinating. This is why I chose a Lido 14. :)

Tweezerman said...

Yeah, a pitchpole in one of these cats could mean being catapulted from quite a distance up and there is some nasty stuff that can be in the way as you head for the water, like mast, spreaders, shrouds, the other crew.