Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Classic Moth Midwinters 2009

Well I'm back from Florida. We spend almost as much time on the road as at the sailing venue (the Classic Moth Midwinters are scheduled over a weekend) but it is still a gas.

As it has been over the past three years, the Midwinters were hosted in great form by the Gulfport YC on Boca Ciega Bay.

Jeff Linton won again this year, but only by a point in a tough battle with Mark Saunders of Norfolk.

Race 1 and 5 were light and fluky with major changes throughout the fleet as some massive windless holes took over the course. Races 3 and 4 had a pleasant 8-12 westerly seabreeze. Sundays three races were from a easterly direction in the 5-8 knot range with some large shifts between left and right sides.

Fourteen Classic Moth's showed up, 13 made it on the water.

Many thanks go out to Rod Koch - regatta organizer, Dave Ellis - PRO, Jeff and Amy Linton - food and entertainment, and all the Gulfport YC volunteers that make this regatta happen.

Results were;

Skipper Races Hull Design
Jeff Linton [5],1,2,1,2,1,1,3 Mousetrap
Mark Saunders 1,2,1,[3],1,3,2,2 Mistral
John Zseleczky [4],3,3,2,4,2,3,1 Y2K
Mike Parson 3,4,4,[5],3,4,4,4 Mistral
Walt Collins [8],6,6,4,5,6,8,5 Europe
Randall Swan 6,5,[11],6,7,5,5,6 Skol
Rod Mincher 2,7,5,[10],6,8,7,8 Maser
Lewis Hay 7,8,8,7,8,7,6,[10] Europe
George Albaugh 9,10,7,8,10,9,9,[12] Europe
Briggs Monteith 10,11,12,[DNF],9,10,11,7 Mousetrap
Greg Duncan [11],9,9,9,11,11,10,9 Europe-wood
Rutledge Young 12,12,10,11,[DNF],12,12,11 Mint
Merv Wescott 13,DNC........ Cates
Rod Koch DNC....... Mistral

I'll have more on this regatta as time goes by.

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