Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vendee Globe; Dee Caffari finishes

Dee Caffari, our other women in the duo we've been following around the world, finished in sixth on Sunday. She was three hours behind fellow Brit, Brian Thompson, with whom she has been locked in a duel since the Southern Ocean. Her mainsail had vast areas without any mylar, just high tech string netting. A sterling accomplishment and when the interviews with Dee after making landfall pop up on the Internet, I'll link to it.

Meanwhile two videos from Cowes Online . The first has interviews with the top two Vendee Globe finishers (in English) and some footage of the Brits, Sam, Brian Thompson, Dee Caffari, Steve White racing up the Atlantic. It is interesting that Armel Le Cléac'h finished second in his first race around the World and at a young age, 31.

I can close my eyes and Steve White sounds just like my uncle Roy.

The second video has more Sam Davies, including her press conference ashore.

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