Friday, February 6, 2009

Music for Fridays: Crystal Waters; Just Say Hey

Checked on some old "Music for Fridays" and the Warner Music Group Police has forced YouTube to yank some of my favorites. If you go back through "Music for Fridays" you may find some broken links. Sorry! This weeks selection; Crystal Waters "Just Say Hey" also suffers from being yanked from YouTube from time to time. Well it's up on YouTube at the moment.

"Just Say Hey" is a poppy dance tune featuring some of the old stars of the Washington Bullets pro basketball team (not to be confused with the current and abysmally bad Washington Wizards basketball team). I recognize Bullet's star Juan Howard and I should come up with some other names from the Wizard's teams of the mid 90's era ............ but I draw a blank.

Anyway, enjoy Crystal Waters and some old NBA basketball footage

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