Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quetzal Boatbuilding

Most of the Classic Moth fleet are active in building or restoring their Moths. I am always interested in YouTube dinghy building videos. The Quetzal sailing dinghy is a 13'5" assymetric/trapeze singlehander that is offered in a plywood kit by Competition Composites of Canada. Around $7k will get you the complete kit though I admit I am not too taken with the concept of flying an assymetric while singlehanding. If I wanted a spinnaker, I'd take up two handed sailing and let the crew handle it.

There are two YouTube videos up documenting the build of a Quetzal.

Video 1;

And video 2:

WARNING! Epoxy is toxic and a strong dermal irritant. Extended use of epoxy without protection (latex gloves, long sleeves) can result in extreme dermal allergic reactions. Many long time boatbuilders cannot work with epoxy because they did not take the proper precautions early. Hipjazzbone should be using gloves at a minimum.

Hopefully Hipjazzbone will keep us posted on his progress.

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