Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vendee Globe; Sam Davies finishes

Sam Davies finished third across the line, crossing early Saturday morning. She will drop to fourth, as it looks like Marc Guillemot, with his 50 odd hours of redress for standing by Yann Eli├Ęs will make up the difference. Marc Guillemot has been sailing the last 700 miles without a keel, but light airs off the French coast have helped his cause.

As Sam herself admits, third across the line is an incredible result and one that no oddsmakers would have taken at the start of the Vendee Globe. No doubt she has become the media darling of this race with her ready smile and upbeat video reports. Take nothing away from Sam; she took a 9 year old boat and raced it hard around the world. She is one tough cookie. Also tip of the hat to her shore team as Roxy had very few problems.

Welcome back Sam!

(The English interview starts at about 4 minutes into the video)

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