Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Directors Cut, Classic International 14's of the 50's and 60's

I haven't done a Directors Cut for a while. I sailed International 14's in the 1960's and 1970's. This slideshow is of 14's before my time. I inherited these photos from Bill Moss, who acquired them when he was past president of the USIFDA (United States International Fourteen Dinghy Association).

The slideshow starts off with the dinghy floats at Corinthian YC, Seattle, there are several photos of Fourteens from Severn Sailing Association at the original location in Round Bay and at about 3:11 into the video there is a capsize recovery sequence featuring a world famous sailor and writer.

Most of the Fourteens look to be Fairy Marine mouldies.

Boy, I get sentimental when I watch this slideshow.

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Windrustler said...

Gotta comment. The old boats really look old now. From the distance of 30 plus years I can now say that the Fourteen looks like a very odd and cranky boat compared to the 505. There, I've said it! A stuffy, sturdy Englishwoman vs a sleek and stylish Frenchwoman. An MGTD vs an Alfa Romeo. It was the sailors. The History, the Stories and The "Brit-ness". Stu Walker, Jeremy Pudney, Mike Peacock, Brownlow Gray, Chris Benedict, Eric Arens, Frank Lawson, Bob Reeves, John Gallagher and Rod Mincher.