Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome TP

I ran into my old friend TP on Friday and he said he heard I had a blog but hadn't read it yet. Well our meeting must of jogged something because he went home and added two comments to two of my posts (immediately shaming my three other regular readers who remain silent to this day). We go way back .... we have lots of sea stories to banter around when we get together and he has added one as a comment to an ancient battle in Lasers .

His Blogger ID "Windrustler" is his famous Super Casson International 14 (well .... famous to the Annapolis fleet at that time) which he raced at top level (actually in a fight with John Gallagher for top dog positions of 1 or 2) in the 1970's.

Tom, your comments are so prolific, you are now signed up as guest blogger on this site.

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