Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Boat Work....Painting, Varnishing

The procrastinator that I am, sailing season has arrived with me, as usual, woefully unprepared. Severn Sailing Tuesday night series is just around the corner (next week) and I will be expected to uphold, this year as it was in the year gone by, the Classic Moth flag against the (somewhat faster) Laser hordes. I'll probably splash my Classic Moth Maser for the first TESOD, replete with a slapdash of primer covering where I moved the mast step over the winter. Meanwhile my other Classic Moth is upside down as I varnish the bottom (randomness of life is never more represented in varnishing, you never know what you'll get, at least the way I do it). I also have a kayak upside down on saw horses for a paint job. Did I say I hate painting boats!!!... I'm not very good at it, or to rephrase it, not anal enough for a mirror finish or even a gloss finish. My friends have a saying. This paint job is the 20 foot paint job .... looks good at 20 feet, just don't get any closer. Though some of them have figured out how to spray paint their boats ........ the bastards.

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