Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Up over 2000 views....WooHoo!!

My view counter shows that this blog has been viewed over 2000 times. My more cynical friends say that I, and I alone must have accounted for over 1700 of those views. I don't think it's been that much. Anyway, thanks to the four or five other regular viewers for the other 300 views,


johnz said...

OK, Rod, now that you've reached 2000 hits I'll come out of the closet and express my appreciation for all of the cool and quirky videos, etc that you put up. I check in a couple times a week and always get a kick out of the stuff you put online. And a hi to the millions of other Earwigoagin followers out there! - John Z

Tweezerman said...

A caveat here. JohnZ is, more often than, not my regatta buddy when go far afield in the Classic Moth circuit. He's a Naval Arc (one of several I count as good friends) and our regatta trips always feature interesting and informative discussions. JohnZ has also put together a foiler Moth which I'll try when the weather gets warmer.