Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big Daddy A's at Oshkosh

The monster A scows were racing their national champs at Oshkosh, Wisconsin this past week. Two YouTubes popped up, featuring the same A scow crew filmed with a transom mounted video camera. The first YouTube wasn't from the nationals but possibly a club race at Oshkosh about a week earlier. You get a good sense of the teamwork it takes to get these big scows around the course.

The second video from the nationals features a long thundering two sail reach with that peculiar scow bow wake folding over and out as the lake rushes by, the boards whine and the flat bottom thumpa-whumpa's over the waves. Mesmerizing! I would love to do a club race in one of these sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rod,
We now have an A scow at Gibson Island! Come take a sail with us. It arrived 2 weeks ago and we were going to try it out on Sat but it was too lousy a day.
I'm an unindited co conspirator in this thing and we hope to take it to the Eastern Shore to pace with Log Canoes, and dayasil on the Magothy with it. Any other ideas as to what we can do with it?
I have a Blogger page with pix.