Monday, July 6, 2009

Small Boats; View from the front yard

About a month ago, I took my trusty digicam on a boat tour of my front yard. I must acknowledge the patience of my wife, though stretched at times, has looked the other way at what others in our neighborhood (not so nautically enlightened) may consider an eyesore, all those #%@#$$ boats.


Carol Anne said...

We have a collection of boats, too. The biggest bunch is at Five O'Clock Somewhere, where we have several Sunfish in varying states of disrepair, a fiberglass kayak, a large catamaran, and the remains of what used to be the world's rattiest Snark. Then we have other boats at our place in Albuquerque, a friend's house in Truth or Consequences, and two storage lots in Elephant Butte.

Being broke has had its upside -- Pat no longer comes home with the random Sunfish that used to follow him home.

Tweezerman said...

The most diverse collection belonged to Ted Causey of Virginia. I toured his place many years ago. Large and small catamarans, International Canoes, Moths, various concoctions of speed machines. In his heyday, Ted would bang out a new boat in a month. My wife still talks about a Moth he had hanging in a tree.