Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pic of the Day; What I Look like Laser Racing

Remember my post on my Laser outing during the SSA Summer Series . Well "Che A Matthews Hale" was out taking pictures and took a rare one of me. For those who wonder why my life jacket is half off; I removed the jacket to cool off as I was late getting to the start area for the first race ..... surprise, surprise, I was only a minute late to the start and there was only time to get the jacket over the shoulders and, in my effort to not finish last, I never had time to zip it up during the race.

I'd say this pretty well fits the "Faux Laser Sailor" look. My wife says my summer war paint scares women and small children.


Tillerman said...

Hope you don't mind my making a suggestion: your traveler line is way too loose. The boat sails much better upwind with the traveler as tight as you can get it.

Windrustler said...

Another suggestion. You are too white to wear a lid with a brim that straight! Dude. Try giving it that "lax bro" roll.