Monday, March 10, 2014

Classic Moth drifting around Rhode River.

I've had some video clips hanging around my computer for at least two years. I've just got round to collating some of the clips into a video short of the blogmeister going on a very light air drift in his Classic Moth around Rhode River (one of the rivers just south of Annapolis). Nothing exciting at all about this day-sail but since all kinds of dreck gets posted on YouTube, I'll occasionally keep adding mine.


Baydog said...

You can have all the go-fast you want, but if there's no wind, there's no go-fast

Tillerman said...

Nice bird sounds. Did I hear a dreck?

Tweezerman said...


I'm not very good at bird identification. I can tell the difference between a robin or a bluebird and maybe even point out a hawk (or is that a buzzard?), but a dreck? Can you tell me the features of a dreck? Is it a waterbird? Is it rare enough that a true birder would travel hundreds of miles to spot and put on his list?