Sunday, March 16, 2014

Header Photo: Interclub Dinghies off the Naval Academy Seawall

Interclub Dinghies coming up the last windward leg during their mid-winters - a true mid-winter regatta - held off Annapolis the end of January. A frigid frostbite regatta that proved to me that the Interclub is probably one of the best dinghies when you would want to sail in sub-freezing temperatures.


Pandabonium said...

That's nice, but I'm pretty sure I'd never want to sail in sub-freezing temperatures. :)

Tweezerman said...

There are the few. I used to race Lasers and International 14's frostbite as a young stud but if the decks started icing up, we put a stop to the days racing. Not for the Interclub group. These Interclubs were very icy by days end.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I don't like having blocks ice up. Or lines ice up. Or decks ice up.
Basically anything except my drink.