Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mario Scuderi: Wooden boat restoration in New Zealand

I have referred to myself as a wood butcher in my boatbuilding endeavors; with some truth. My work is never pretty and it is good that it is on such a small scale. Some might say it is quick and dirty, but then again, my boatbuilding is never quick. Let's reframe my boatbuilding process as slow and, when complete, functional.

I do, however, enjoy watching videos of true craftsman restoring or building wooden boats. This one is particularly fascinating to watch. Mario Scuderi is a transplanted Italian in New Zealand, restoring the old New Zealand yachts, particularly the ones by the Logan's and Bailey's. Enjoy his quiet and understated explanation of what he does and why he does it in our mass-produced world.

About Passion from Johannes Stra├čner on Vimeo.

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