Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Transoms of Gulfport, 2014

From the 2014 Classic Moth Midwinters in Gulfport FL., held the end of February, John Z. sent over this picture of two Classic Moths before being unloaded. On the left we have the very ample "tush" of the Savannah Wedge compared to, on the right, the petite "derriere" of the Mistral design. To each their own.

I must admit, throwing the 11' Classic Moth in the back bed of a pick-up truck is very "Amurican", but when you have the truck. and you have the Moth, who cares about roof racks or trailers.

I love the name of the Savannah Wedge, Binday Dundat. For a blog with a name that is a phonic play on a phrase, this is a cosmic connection. Tip of the hat to John Siegling, owner of Binday Dundat. John raced Moths as a teenager, was one of the original founders of the University of Charleston Sailing Team in the 1960's, got out of dinghies and sailing after college, and now, 50 years on, has returned to the class of his youth.

More Classic Moth transoms can be found here.


George A said...

What? No pix of your Savannah Wedge?

Tweezerman said...

As the Wicked With of the West said.

All in Good Time

Tweezerman said...

Oops, typing too fast, accuracy was never my forte in typing.

Wicked Witch.