Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 International Canoe Worlds - Races Eight and Nine

Our intrepid Earwigoagin reporter Fran DeFaymoreau takes us through the final two races of the 2014 Worlds:

"Saturday, September 13, Race 8. Same conditions as yesterday. At 11:00 am wind is from 205 at 5 knots. By the 12:35 start the wind is at 10 knots from 205. After the start the leaders settle into a pattern we have already seen; Mikey leading, Chris following, and not all that far behind them is the German Peter Ullmann who has been surging in the last couple of races. Aussie Hayden Virtue is also working his way up and one or the other of the two Clark brothers is in the hunt. What I could not see from the weather mark boat is the reaching duel that took place just after the last reach mark had been rounded. Mikey was leading, but not by much, when somehow Chris managed to luff up over his stern, going high and fast and got past to take the lead. At the leeward mark Mikey split tacks going left to the possibly bigger wind - and waves- but at the finish it is Chris Maas -USA 254 - 1st, Mikey Radziejowski - USA 248 - 2nd, and Peter Ullmann -GER 79 - 3rd. 4th is Hayden Virtue - AUS 40 - followed by Willy Clark. Sunday September is the 9th and final race and if the last race goes off this will allow 2 throw-outs which throws many finish permutations into the mix. As of the 8th race Mikey is ahead of Chris by one point, and Alistair Warren (GBR) is ahead of Peter Ullmann (GER) by 4 points for the final podium position.

Sunday, September 14, the 9th race has been cancelled. The wind came up rapidly today and readings of 20+ knots caused cancellation [ed: note: The SI's have an upper wind start range of, if I remember correctly, winds sustained over 21 knots]. As it was, numerous canoes had to be rescued. Luckily Per Harding ended up on the only sandy beach between Brooks Island and the breakwater. Steve Clark was rescued from inside the breakwater with a missing rudder. [ed. note: There is a breakwater just outside the Richmond Y.C that extends for some distance - at least 1/4 mile. To get to the SF Bay, take a right out of the club and sail in glorious flat water for a couple of minutes until you pop out and head left to enter the Coliseum, i.e. Berkeley Circle.] The worlds oldest international small boat sailing trophy, the New York Cup is tomorrow. It will ba a team race between USA and GBR; three IC's each. The Brits are the challengers and their team will be Robin Wood, Alistair Warren and Phil Robin, the USA team are the current defenders and will be comprised of Mikey Radziejowski, Chris Maas, and David Clark.

With the 9th race being cancelled it appears that the kid ( Mikey Radziejowski) outlasted the great Canoe Master (Chris Maas) for his first Worlds title.

Now its time to put on your snorkel gear, breathe only when you can turn your head, and follow Brit Chris Hampe as he negotiates one reach and then part of the next reach in Race 8.(This is why IC sailors know what a true "firehose" reach is all about.) I've got to compliment Chris on a very nice jibe in some very tough conditions.

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